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toasted ciabatta bread with basil pesto, fresh mozzarella,
our signature tomato blend, parmesan cheese, and balsamic reduction $7.29

Margherita Crisp Bread
three cheese blend with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil $7.29

Soup & Salad

Minestrone or Soup of the Day
cup $3 / bowl $6

Caesar $7.29                  House Salad $3 / $7.29

Insalata di Pere
mixed greens, fresh pear, gorgonzola cheese,
candied walnuts, sweet basil vinaigrette $7.29

Insalata di Spinaci
fresh spinach, dried cherries, goat cheese,
crispy prosciutto, balsamic vinaigrette $7.29

Grilled Salmon Salad
grilled salmon over fresh spinach, with hard-boiled egg,
artichoke hearts, roma tomatoes, and basil-balsamic vinaigrette $13

(served with potato chips)
add a house salad or cup of soup $2

Chicken Caprese
grilled chicken breast, tomato, fresh mozzarella,
and basil pesto mayo on ciabatta $7.29

homemade meatballs and marinara,
topped with Italian cheeses on baguette $7.29

Eggplant Parmesan
crispy eggplant medallions, marinara,
and parmesan on ciabatta $7.29

Sausage & Peppers
sweet Italian sausage, bell peppers, onions, marinara,
and Italian cheeses on baguette $7.29

*add chicken, meatballs, Italian sausage $3*
*add shrimp $4*
add a house salad or cup of soup $2

Chicken Pesto Pasta
red pesto cream sauce with grilled chicken and bowtie pasta $9

Spaghetti and Meatball
spaghetti topped with homemade meatball and marinara $9

Fettuccine Alfredo
fettuccine topped with homemade alfredo sauce $8

Lasagna Rustica
layers of pasta and Italian cheeses in a hearty Bolognese sauce $9

Mary Theresa’s Pasta
penne pasta with diced tomatoes, capers, basils, garlic and olive oil $8

add a house salad or cup of soup $2

Salmone alla Griglia
grilled salmon fillet over fettuccine tossed in a spinach and artichoke cream,
and topped with a balsamic marinated tomato blend, parmesan
cheese, and a light drizzle of balsamic reduction $13


Lemon Orzo
lemon scented orzo pasta tossed with sautéed spinach.
served with your choice of grilled chicken or shrimp, finished with basil pesto

chicken $10 shrimp $12


Portabella Imbottiti
portabella cap stuffed with Italian cheeses, mushrooms, and bread crumbs.
drizzled with balsamic reduction and garnished with shrimp,
served with herb-buttered pasta $11


Chicken Parmigiana
chicken breast breaded and fried to a golden
brown, smothered with homemade marinara and parmesan,
served with herb-buttered pasta $11



Consumer Advisory: thoroughly cooking foods of animal origin such as beef, eggs, fish, lamb, pork, poultry,
or shellfish reduces the risk of foodborne illness. individuals with certain health condition
may be at a higher risk if these foods are consumed raw or undercooked.